Inspired By Ayurveda

Perfect Energizers

Herbal Remedy

Peace of Mind

Restful Balance

Perfect Energiser (120 mins) Duration : 120-minute treatment  


Focused on releasing tension from the lower back, warm herbal pouch treatment is the highlight of this signature treatment. The tired body is energised and blood circulation improved with the Ayurvedic Inspired therapy. The Marma Face Therapy focuses upon the Marma points or energy centres on the face to rebalance the internal body system, relieving the body of stress. As your body drifts into a state of relaxation, the dead skin cells are cleansed from the body with the Lepanam, where a traditional recipe is prepared to moisturise the skin.
120-minute treatment includes:
Warm herbal pouch • Ayurvedic Massage • Marma Face Massage • Lepanam •


Herbal Remedy (90 mins) Duration : 90-minute treatment  


Leave the cares of the world behind with this stress-relieving treatment that promotes detoxification and reduces water retention. The benefits of the warm herbal compress combined with rhythmic massaging help to release muscle tension and improve circulation, before the face is refreshed and soothed with a Calming Face Massage with Jasmine Pouch.

90-minute treatment includes:
Warm Herbal Clay Pot & Thai Massage • Calming Face Massage with Jasmine Pouch


Peace of Mind (120 mins) Duration : 120-minute treatment  


Take the weight off your mind with this treatment which begins with an Ayurvedic therapy to ease tension. The dry Herbal Powder Body Scrub follows to remove oil from the body, while exfoliating dead skin cells to unveil smooth and silky skin. Revel in VSPA signature Rain mist experience, a refreshing treat for the senses, while the Avocado Body Splash effectively nourishes the skin. The Shirodhara treatment works to relieve anxiety, revitalize your mind and dispel insomnia as a soothing stream of warm oil flows onto your forehead to bring about a sense of calm, while you enjoy the Steam Bath.

120-minute treatment includes:
Ayurvedic Massage • Herbal Powder Body Scrub • Avocado Body Splash • Steam Bath & Shirodhara •


Restful Balance (120 MINS) Duration : 120-minute treatment  


Soothe the tension from your head and calm your mind with a combination of body therapies and the soothing Shirodhara treatment, where warm oil is poured on your forehead. The treatments improve blood circulation to your head, neck and shoulders, while bringing relief to eye strains and tension headache. The special oil used for these treatments has a calming effect on the body. Your skin is cleansed and smoothed with the Lepanam, where a traditional recipe is prepared and applied to the skin before the cleansing body.

120-minute treatment includes:
Chakra Head Massage • Ayurvedic Massage • Shirodhara • Lepanam • Steam Bath